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Unit 2 - Chemistry

Material in chapters 2 - 4 will not be tested in class. Much of this is review. These materials are if you need to practice any of it.

Items with * were given out in class. Others are for review and studying.

Chapter 2 Materials - Basic Chem (Review Only - not covered)


Chapter 2.5 Materials - Water (click the title for water related materials.


Chapter 3 Materials - Macromolecules

This material will be tested.

*Chapter 3 notes Part 1

Screencast Dehydration Synthesis / Hydrolysis Notes (9/18)

Toober Lab

Review Sheets

Unit Review Materials


Answer this in your writing journal:

Comparisons of the amino acid sequences of proteins or the nucleotide sequences of genes can shed light on the evolutionary divergence of related organisms. Would you expect all the proteins or genes of a given set of organisms living on Earth today to show the same degree of divergence? Why or why not?


Here is a paraphrased version that you might understand better.

Scientists can use differences in the primary structure of a protein found in many different organisms to learn about the evolutionary relationship between them. (We can compare how closely related bats are to sheep by comparing differences in their protein structure) Would you expect all of the proteins in a group of animals (all bats in the world for example) to be equally different from those found in sheep? Why or Why not?

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