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Water Quiz Study Suggestions

  1. First thing to study is the Learning Objective Questions. These will all be turned into multiple choice questions (actually 2 or 3 different questions from each one).

  2. Try to answer the questions the class wrote today. They currently do not have answers, but I am working on it, so check back.

  3. The Reading Guide Questions we went over in class. These will also be altered, but will be asking the same basic thing.

  4. Your Notes: Remember, if it was not important enough to be in the Objectives or Reading Guide, then don't worry too much about it.

  5. The book: I would only reread the chapter to help you figure out something you can't figure out from one of the above things. If the info does not appear in any of the printed materials above, don't go there.

15 MC Questions (2 points each = 30 points)

2 Essay from 3 or 4 options (6 points each = 12 points


42 Points total


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