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January 2014

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      Additional Resources (Not given in class)

Respiration notes filled in


AMAZING Mitochondria Computer Animation

My narration of the video with some explanations

2012 Respiration Flowchart Diagram
    Resp Notes Screencast part 1 part 2 Resp Quiz Answer Key
    Last Year's Screencasts ADP - ATP Cycle Screncast 2011 Glycolysis Notes Screencast Respiration flowchart notes Part 1 Respiration flowchart notes Part 2 Fermentation
    Respiration Overview Chart  
    Spinach Resp Data  









Last Year's Old Style Resp Flowchart Diagram


Respiration Animations (not screencasts)

Respiration / Photosynthesis   Dissolved Oxygen and Primary Potential   Practice Resp Quiz A

Practice Resp Quiz B (not mine but useful)

    Photosynthesis Reading Guide  
    DPIP Calibration Data

DPIP experimental data













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