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Yeast Reproduction Trial Data

Ch 6 Energy Vocab
  12/3 Enzyme Prelab Questions Catalase Activity Data  


Enzyme Prezi




Carried out lab  


  12/11 Ch 7 - Respiration    

Ch 9 Reading Guide


    Bee Foraging Simuation Junco sim  

Cellular Energy (Ch. 9) Notes Handout


Screencast: Energy vs Calories (energy transfer efficiency)  
    Energy Notes Screencasts part 1 part 3
part 2

Screencasts: Ch 6 Quiz Review

Part 1

Part 2 Part 3  

2012 Respiration Flowchart Diagram



ADP - ATP Cycle Screncast


AMAZING Mitochondria Computer Animation

My narration of the video with some explanations


2011 Glycolysis Notes Screencast

Last Year's Old Style Resp Flowchart Diagram


Respiration Animations (not screencasts)

Respiration / Photosynthesis   Dissolved Oxygen and Primary Potential Fermentation Practice Resp Quiz A

Practice Resp Quiz B (not mine but useful)

    Photosynthesis Reading Guide  
Photosynthesis   Effect of Nutrients on Yeast Respiration Data
    Chi Square Analysis of Data (PowerPoint) Excel Instructions
    Plant Microscope lab
    Chromatography Lab Information  
    Respiration Test Review Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
    Online Photosynthesis Lab Activity DPIP Lab Data (Excel) DPIP Lab Data (PDF)
    DPIP Follow Up Questions
    Photosynthesis Notes Notes Screencast Photosynthesis Overview Photo Analogy
    Continued Photosynthesis Notes
    Respiration Retest DPIP Questions

Vocab Matrix


Photo Questions

Calvin Cycle Review C4 Adaptations
    Phot Notes Review Last Year's Photo Quiz Photo Quiz Review Sheet Lab Quiz Review
    Does Santa Exist      














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